Tourism in Litchfield County with a New York State of Mind


The weekends become busy. The sidewalks become a gala for window shopping. The roads are filled with free flowing spirits who set their sights to capture the best possible view for their photo albums. They are the Litchfield County weekenders, the folks who make the two hour drive up from the city to catch a little R&R in the bucolic Litchfield Hills. As local leaders look to promote our region, it is even more important to take a stand back and attract even more city dwellers to our pastoral countryside. Many local business owners have come to love them as they spend the week and indulge in the rare and hard to find merchandise that sometimes is not offered anywhere else but in the local area. As a testimonial, I myself deal with many New Yorker’s who sometimes use this site as a resource for area information, and in return I gracefully offer them as much assistance as I possibly could in an array of formats. When you learn about those that make their way to scenic northwestern Connecticut, you learn the many reasons of why they choose Litchfield County, and sometimes the answers will surprise you.

For starters, the trek to Litchfield County is rather simple. A hop, skip, and jump through parkways and highways, as well as some scenic country backroads, and boom you’ve instantly found yourself in the second most popular tourist destination in Connecticut. It’s a convenient getaway that, for many, seem like a world away. There’s no comparison, and there is no arguing that there is no comparison! When people want to get away from the modern world that is filled with nothing but hustle and bustle, they know to head for the hills for we promote a world of calm and simplicity that is really unlike any other. We have a clear advantage over many other regions within New England simply because of our close proximities to the larger cities of the northeast. Think about it. If someone were looking for a rustic Vermont getaway, why trek all the way to Vermont when in reality northwestern Connecticut is very much like Vermont? If someone were looking to go antiquing, why travel all the way to historic Boston or the quaint villages of New Hampshire when we have some of the best antiquing in the world here in Litchfield County, such as towns like Woodbury for example where it is world renowned for their fine collection of antique dealers.

Many of those who travel to the Litchfield Hills, travel here because they simply want to get away. While many of their affluent friends travel to the Hampton’s for the weekend, some of them want to escape their social circles as a form of revival. I’m sure many of us love spending time with our friends, but sometimes there’s a limit to how long we can all hang around each other. Sometimes, we just need our space, and that is exactly what some of them are looking for. On the other hand, however, you will always have a select few who wish to party hard as they load up the trucks and vans and go on a weekend excursion around the county. These are the folks who are looking for a grand time. The folks who like to party hard as they are unwinding a world away. These are also the same folks who come here and don’t care what people think of them as they enjoy a carefree environment. That’s the beauty of Litchfield County calm. It is here that you can truly come to unwind after a long week of work or classes and just let everything out as you’re just being yourself.

Yes, Litchfield County may be a world away, but we are certainly a world where the real world likes to come and play, and as we promote the future of tourism in northwestern Connecticut, we cannot forget to include the masses that call Litchfield County home each and every single weekend as they are the ones who continue to move us forward. They are the ones who find peace and tranquility that can truly only be found here in the bucolic Litchfield Hills of Connecticut.



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