An Invitation to Main Street Marketplace in Downtown Torrington

When I arrived in Torrington back in the summer of 2009, there wasn’t really a whole lot happening in town. To be bluntly honest, the town was pretty dry and Main Street was merely a dead zone as nearly most of the downtown was left vacant. To paint an even more dreaded picture for you, Torrington did not have 3G cell phone service until 2010, which meant my iPhone was virtually useless! Yes, 2009 was a fun year for me as I began to transition myself from my Waterbury roots.

Then, in the summer of 2010, something incredible happened. Something so incredible, that it seemed to bring the city of Torrington together, even if it was just for one night a week. Main Street Marketplace. The event of all events that really seemed to kickoff a new sense of pride in downtown revitalization as people from all across the county made their way to our historic downtown as they toured local shops, chatted with local farmers, indulged in local eateries, and left amazed by incredible performances by local musicians. Main Street Marketplace was essentially the best thing to happen to Torrington, and it’s exactly what our community needed to get the ball rolling, and it did.

In the fall of 2010, shortly after Main Street Marketplace ended it’s escapades for the summer, a group of partners purchased an entire city block that was bankrupt. The Torrington Downtown Partners cultivated a new world, a new opportunity for a once struggling mill town that together with a group of partners would transform the downtown forever as we knew it as a new life was pumped into a once dying downtown.

It’s certainly hard to imagine what Torrington would be like today if it weren’t for the likes of a group of individuals coming together for one common purpose. As a partner of the Torrington Downtown Partners, it is certainly fantastic to see the great deal of energy that is bustling about. Where once a dead city center sat hopeless, it is now on the uprise once again as new shops are opening and refurnished apartments are being leased out as they enjoy new streetscapes below.

Looking back to when I first arrived in Torrington, I knew instantly that our town had potential. There was never any doubt in my mind. Torrington is a fantastic community and I challenge anyone that would like to tell me different. Torrington is both diverse as well a central hub for Litchfield County. We are truly Litchfield Counties one stop shop for everything. Wether you’re looking for a night on the town by enjoying a show at the Warner followed by fine Italian cuisine at one of our many Italian restaurants, or wether you’re looking for a little R&R at Burr Pond State Park, Torrington, simply put, has the best of everything as we sit nestled in the Berkshire foothills.

On the eve of Main Street Marketplace, I would like to personally invite you down to the street fair myself. For those who say nothing is happening in Torrington, and nothing good will ever come about of this town, you may want to think again. We continue to prove every naysayer wrong by showcasing what Torrington is made of, and what better way to enjoy our towns display than at our very own award winning Main Street Marketplace.


Photo Credit: 60b Photography


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