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A Rockin’ Fourth of July at Lime Rock Park

This past Saturday, while thinking of where to enjoy the fireworks this weekend, I decided on making the trek up to Salisbury to enjoy the fireworks spectacular that took place at Lime Rock Park. I’ve only been to Lime Rock a handful of times, but never at night, and I must say its a rather amazing place in general. Tucked in the southern Berkshire Mountains lies this track that zig zags it’s way through a valley of high hills, and when the sun goes down, those hills seem to come alive as the sun looks like it’s being tucked away for a good nights rest.

The night began with a lot of traffic. As rural as the Salisbury area is, many people from the surrounding areas, including New York and Massachusetts, made their way to Lime Rock to take in the sights. The price was modest at $15 a car load that went to support the local Lions Club, and as a supporter of all things local, I’m willing to help, especially when they are offering up a grand old time. Parking was fairly easy as we were being directed to parking in the outfield row by row. As I parked, I noticed that people were already outside of their cars grilling away on small grills as well as enjoying a few drinks, even some enjoying a glass of wine while they laid on blankets in their truck beds just waiting for all of the action to start.

As for me, I took out my camping chair, which I always carry in my trunk, and brought it as close to the track as possible in the outfield as a crowd of at least a couple hundred sat along the hillsides as well. I arrived at 7PM and the fireworks wouldn’t start for another two hours around 9PM so there was ample opportunity to enjoy the evening. Not a soul wanted to head on up to Salisbury with me, so I was here solo, which I really didn’t mind since sometimes we all need our space, and having time for yourself is one of the many secrets to staying happy. Honest! As I looked around watching families bond together while playing frisbee or playing a game of catch, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own childhood and how the days gone by have really just flown right by! As a kid growing up, the days just felt so long, now, looking back, you are suddenly faced with asking yourself where exactly the time went. If I could relive those days, I would, as I’m sure we all would. They were some of the best days of my life, and they will be the days I will cherish in my memory bank forever.

Around 9PM, the temporary lights in the parking lot began to dim as a way to signify that the fireworks were about to begin. I was eager! Working in retail, I have spent the past 3 years unable to watch fireworks in a setting such as this since I had been working the fourth of July holiday in previous years. This being my first year off, I simply couldn’t contain the kid in me. Boom! The first one sets off sending a giant blow up to the sky and when it couldn’t go an inch higher, it opened up like a big white parachute in the sky. The crowd went wild as they cheered on for America’s birthday. One by one the sky began to lit up the dark star lit skies of northwestern Connecticut. The fireworks seemed to have made an echo through the valley as well as they loud booms danced their way through the hills.

When it was all over, the grand finale took place and boy was it ever a sight to see as dozens of them lit up over the sky for a solid 4 minutes or so, and after not seeing a show such as this in nearly three years, I was every bit of impressed, but I was also very much impressed with Lime Rock. They really know how to put on a show and steal the thunder. Sure, there’s fireworks in the cities, but nothing compares to a fireworks show in the scenic Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. A place where time just seems to stand still and you can still relive your childhood, even if it’s just for one lazy summer night.



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