Meeting and Greeting at the Harwinton Rod and Gun Club

This Thursday July 14th, the public is cordially invited to a meet and greet at the Harwinton Rod & Gun Club to benefit selectmen Michael Criss’ Exploratory Committee 2011. The meet and greet will feature local businessmen, congressmen, state representatives, senators, family, friends, and neighbors.

Donations will gladly be accepted as the public enjoys a night of food, music, and drinks. All looking to attend the event may RSVP by calling (860) 806-4283.

Though the event is being held the same evening as Torrington’s Main Street Marketplace, it’s sure enough no less the place to be while enjoying a night with your neighbors after a long day of work, and it’s most certainly the perfect start to your Friday while easing into the weekend.

Who says the weekend has to start on a Friday? Come on out to Harwinton from 6-10PM and unwind with some big names! You’ll be glad you did.

Harwinton Rod & Gun Club
123 Campville Hill Road
Harwinton, CT


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