How to Spend a Summer Day in Litchfield County

The birds start to sing in harmony as the sun arises over the hillsides. The fresh morning dew is a reminder of the cool country night. A deer wanders about as wild turkeys roam the fields right along side of them. It’s a Litchfield County morning, and with each natural element working in perfect harmony, the day is off to a good start. As a make my way from my bed to my kitchen to make a pot of coffee, the fresh country air makes it’s way through my windows to further wake me up to get my day off to the perfect start as well.

The summer days in Litchfield County seem endless as if you were a kid enjoying summer vacation all over again. My days begin early, around the crack of dawn, and my days are unplanned as ever. In fact, I’m probably one of the most spontaneous people you will ever come across. There is just so much to see and do around here, there’s no reason I should plan out my day as I live a rather simple carefree lifestyle here in the hills. Most days, I’ll begin with a hike to awaken the senses. It’s a great way to reenergize after a long week of work as you get back in touch with nature. The forest is a wonder in itself as towering hemlocks are the canopy to the forest floor which keep the birds cool and all of it’s other visitors too.

This past weekend, for me, was a typical summer weekend here in Litchfield County. I began my day on Sunday with a five mile road race up in Canaan around 9AM. It’s hard to swallow for some as waking up early is quite a chore! A five mile walk/run is refreshing and certainly gives you plenty of energy, amazingly, for the rest of your day. As I walked the course charted out by Northwest Connecticut’s YMCA, I enjoyed the bucolic scenery of the countryside, even though I was sweating like I just came out of a sauna, it seemed as though the view kept me alive. Maybe.

After the absolutely exhilarating road race experience, it was time to try something that was truly Litchfield County. It was time to make my way to the water and hop in a kayak! As the temperatures started reaching 90 degrees, what better way to stay cool than to enjoy a brisk kayak ride on Torrington’s Burr Pond. Kayak rentals are provided by Clarke Outdoors and are only a mere $10 for an hours worth of enjoyment on the water. I saw plenty of sights, and discovered some friendly people out there too who were new to the whole kayaking experience. Along the way, I also ran into people who had made their way to an island where they laid out on a rock overlooking the water but kept cool by the towering pines. Kayaking is an excellent way to enjoy a summer day around here. There’s times where you are able to completely pause and take in the world around you. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. It’s bliss!

No summer afternoon is complete without a jump in the lake, and jump is exactly what I did as temps remained close to 90. The fresh water was a welcome treat, far better than any pool with chlorine could provide. Jumping into a lake just feels right. It just feels youthful, like a kid at summer camp.

At the end of a rather long day, biking around the lake at sunset is a wonderful way to end your day. Lake Waramaug in Washington and Kent provides a very scenic attraction as the sun sets over the majestic Litchfield County hills while boaters are about making a splash with people on jet skis. Riding around the lake, you’ll notice folks who are here vacationing, enjoying drinks, and unwinding from a long day. As you’ll notice, these folks don’t have a care in the world as to what time it is, because here in Litchfield County, time just seems to stand still.


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