An Evening of Jazz Presented by The Litchfield Jazz Festival

As a music lover, I’m one who enjoys a wide variety of music. In my car on the way to work or on a one of my many road trips, I’ll throw on some tunes from everything from rock and roll to country and all points in between. It’s what keeps my beat alive as I make my way to various destination points. One beat I haven’t given much of a chance, however, is jazz. The harmonic beauty of jazz I have left out of the picture for so long. It was as if I was being prejudice against it’s very existence. Recently, however, I had some light shown to me about what the beat of jazz is really like, and boy was I ever missing out on some good times.

In the quaint, yet bucolic, town of Kent here in Litchfield County, jazz lives on and is the beat of the drum for the town. Everywhere you look during the summer, you’ll discover signs bragging all about some jazz festival that’s coming to town in August. If you didn’t know anything about it, you may just give it a brief look and then move on. I beg you, however, not to move on as I have witnessed what is perhaps some of the best music this country has to offer. From July 11th-August 6th, Kent is the star attraction for jazz as they put on a show called ‘Kent has that Jazz’ which is a month of free jazz concerts on display in various locations throughout Kent and is presented by the Litchfield Jazz Festival.

Over the course of the month, you’ll be able to sit back and relax at places like the Kent School’s Mattison Auditorium where you’ll discover the professionals on stage including the Litchfield Jazz Camp teaching artists. I made it a point to discover what I had been missing out on my whole life, and what better way to experience an evening of jazz than with the professionals themselves. This past Monday evening, I took the short trek down to Kent from Torrington to get in touch with my inner jazz loving self, which came out quite quickly as soon as the tunes started about. As I sat in the Kent School’s auditorium, I listened in as bittersweet symphonies got things rolling leading up to foot tapping and hand clapping as the music became more livelier. Trumpeters and pianists alike took to the stage to entertain the crowd,which became just as lively as the music once everyone got into the rhythm of things.

Around here,the arts are everything. If you were ever looking for a state that was abundantly rich in the arts, Connecticut is undoubtedly your destination to turn to. We have some amazingly talented people packed into one charming little state, yet together we are all working to build a name, not only for ourselves, but also the communities that we live in, and as the sun sets over the hillsides in Kent, it’s an evening of free jazz in Kent that makes Kent the main attraction of choice for locals and tourists alike.

For more information, visit: The Litchfield Jazz Festival






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