The Magic of Downtown Torrington

If you’re like me, you can hardly believe it’s already August. Where has the summer gone? It seems like just the other day we were out there shoveling ourselves out of our igloos just itching to get out and about with our friends and neighbors. We talked up a good show during those months as many of us began to deal with those dreaded winter blues. Then, the spring came and we began to flap our wings and soar like eagles as we traveled anywhere and everywhere just to escape those walls we looked at for so long.

Then, summer started, and out came the magic and the power of feeling good thanks to all that wonderful vitamin D brought to us by the sun. In fact, we all started feeling so good, we began to flap our wings even more as we mingled with everyone around the towns we live in, much of which has taken place in downtown Torrington as folks from all over Litchfield County, even from all across the state, came to Torrington to take part in their epic Main Street Marketplace, a celebration for all to discover and the place to be on Thursday nights during the summer.

Main Street Marketplace has become well known, and if you haven’t yet made it to the festivities this summer, you don’t have a good enough reason not to go. It is there where friends and neighbors connect amongst total strangers while enjoying spectacular performances such as fire shows and live music. Then of course there is all the hearty food to go right along with it. Torrington’s own Rocket Fine Street Food gets in on all the action as well as they intertwine with all of the vendors that offer up savory treats like fried dough, Italian ice, and SoCo ice cream from AnnieBannanie Ice Cream in Kent.

Though I haven’t made it every Thursday night, I have indeed made it out to at least two of the nights and every time I leave, I walk out with a smile on my face, as well as a rather stuffed stomach too thanks to all of the delicious food that was in my face. I’m Italian, and when there’s food to be had, you can be assured that I will enjoy everything that there is to offer.

We have been blessed here in Torrington to have such an astonishing event that draws such large crowds. Each night, it’s as if a flood gate opens up on either end of Main Street as folks flock into the heart of downtown. We have many people to thank for all of this, including the countless number of volunteers who work behind the scenes and work hard to ensure everything goes just right. Many of these folks have devoted a large portion of their summer to ensure the rest of us get out and have a great time before the next harsh New England winter comes back out to play with us. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m mingling my summer away as much as I could, and there’s no better place to start than at Torrington’s Main Street Marketplace.


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  1. Sharon Waagner says:

    Great article, Mike. Like you, I am thoroughly enjoying the magic of Main Street Market Place. Wonderful vendors, delicious food, delightful visitors, and the greatest event organizers. Thanks once again for sharing your delight with your readers!


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