Vacation Reflections

After well over a week of being away from Litchfield County in the heart of corn country in Virginia, I’ve arrived back home to Litchfield County. I came to town around 3AM just as the deer were making their way out of the woods and onto the quiet country roads. Luckily, I dodged every single one!

This vacation has been remarkable. It was time for me to unwind as well as reflect on where I want to go in the future. I’m not sure where this road I’m on will take me, but I do know this; it’s an interesting one filled with excitement at every turn. I spent a great deal of time connecting with family. Leaving is always the hardest! As an only child growing up, leaving behind my father was indeed the roughest thing to do. I live on my own here in Connecticut with my mother not all that far away, but my father is well over a 9 hour drive south. Visiting with him, even for the little time that we had spent together due to his own work schedule, certainly meant the world to me as we spent quality time screaming our heads off on roller-coasters at the amusement parks.

As many of you know, I’m a photo junkie. I take zillions of pictures nearly every waking minute. This vacation; not even twenty snaps! I couldn’t exactly tell you why, maybe it was the incredible bonding time I spent with family, or maybe it was just my senses telling me to relax, but whatever it is, the memories I created will beat any picture taken any day. Sometimes, it’s all about how you perceive those memories.

It was an incredible vacation. From the shores of Virginia Beach, to the metropolis of Richmond, to the cornfields of northern Virginia, and to family homes, I did it all. There was no one time I can point out that was better than the other. I’m very lucky to have such an amazing family. My cousins are a great group of folks with a heart of gold.

So, where will I end up on this little road I’m on? I’m still not sure, but for right now, I’m back In Touch…with the Litchfield Hills, and it’s good to be back home!


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  1. Ann Nyberg says:

    Somebody is having a ton of fun this summer!


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