Facebook Shakes Up the Locals

They say we should embrace change. We should welcome it with open arms and cuddle it like a cute little teddy bear. Well, I’m not cuddling the new Facebook layout like some cute little teddy bear, and neither are many of you as we all woke up today to yet another change Facebook has created, this time with it’s newsfeed.

For those of you out of the loop, Facebook has now customized the way you look at your newsfeed, almost like a daily newspaper. You have your top stories at the top, which are those Facebook thinks you’ll find the most interesting, followed by the most recent status updates from your friends. Well, if Facebook really knew me like it says it does, maybe it should get to know itself a little better. My top stories are those that are actually bashing Facebook for this very radical change. I haven’t met a person yet today that has approved of it. In fact, some of you have even gone on to nickname Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Suckerberg! I can’t attest that I have actually thought these things, but I do come close.

As a social media guru who lives every moment of his life through social media sites, it’s important that I know how to use it all times. When Facebook went and did a 360 this morning, I was like a lost puppy! In many ways, my social media guru attitude is slowly becoming obsolete as the change comes without warning or without anytime for me to get familiar with the new changes. Not cool.

Yes, it will take time to get to know this new frontier we have all woken up to this morning, but can’t the people at Facebook wake up and hear us? We don’t want change. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Period. I believe I speak for the majority on this one.


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