Leaf Peepers, Rejoice! A Foliage Update from the Litchfield Hills

In the back of my head, I hear that good old Christmas song “It’s the most, wonderful time of the year!” but it’s not because it’s getting closer to Christmas. I’m in no rush for that. No, this particular phrase of the song very much applies to wonderful colors of fall. In the world, there’s nothing else like it but right here in New England. How could anyone ever want to leave such a beautiful area? The warm colors put on a very vivid display this time each year, and here in the Litchfield Hills, it’s no different.

Autumn has arrived rather early for us thanks to our good friend Tropical Storm Irene who arrived in late August. Ever since, the leaves have really been changing rapidly. Our first frost came just last week as a matter of fact further enhancing the color as it races from the mountain peaks to the valleys below.

Driving around the county this past week, I can tell you that some areas are a hit or miss. There are still quite a few areas, especially in the southern county around the Watertown area, that have not yet had the magnificent display of colors we have been enjoying here in the northern hills, so there is still a great deal of time to take the drive up and take it all in. The colors here in the northern hills are also rather sporadic, you’ll get a few spots here and there that are loaded with color, then a mile away the leaves are just starting to turn. It’s the beauty of the season. It’s what leaf peeping is all about, the chase. The race to get the best pictures possible.

Some of the best colors I have seen this past week are in the Torrington area and points north. Absolutely stunning, especially around Goshen, Norfolk, and Colebrook. Take a spin on the backroads. Get lost! Don’t be afraid to take a random adventure on an old dirt road sipping a pumpkin coffee or a hot apple cider. Just make sure you wear orange if you decide to hike, hunting season starts in just a few more weeks. Venison anyone?


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