Fall Foliage Update from the Litchfield Hills

This season is a far different one here in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills thanks to our friend Irene who passed through in late August. Usually for us, we still have many leaves on the trees come early October. This year, not so much. At least 20-30 percent of our trees have already lost their leaves, and while not exactly an impressive number by any means, it tells a story of what’s happening, and what’s happening…isn’t something we’re used to in this part of the country.

The leaves are tuning a modest rust color this year, instead of the ambient colors we are used to. Then, just as we think that’s bad enough, they are instantly dropping off causing trees to become bare rather quickly and in some areas of the county resemble what November is supposed to look like! Scary.

None the less, however, what foliage we do have to offer is pretty impressive. Just take a look at the pictures in this column. They are taken in the towns of Washington, Kent, and Cornwall. You’ll see exactly what I mean by trees going bare, and others offering a crisp autumn color. Usually, it depends on how high up you are in elevation to see the best colors. This year, also quite different as many valley areas have seemed to turn first thanks to the heavy rains from this past summer and the entrapment of cold air.

It’s an interesting fall here in the hills.


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