When it Snows in October, Life Becomes Altered

As someone who loves snow, seeing it fall on Saturday made my day. Until of course, the night fell, then it got ugly. As the snow piled up, well over a foot of it, so too did the weight of it on the trees knocking out power to all of Litchfield County. I suddenly regretted … Continue reading When it Snows in October, Life Becomes Altered


Travels in Northern New England

I know this blog is mainly about the Litchfield Hills, and for the most part, it is. Every now and then, I try to sneak in what I like to call a little taste of my life outside of these hills, just to let you all know that I'm not trapped in here like some … Continue reading Travels in Northern New England

Daytripping in Litchfield County

The past few months I have been traveling a lot, mainly out to the other New England states. I've been cheating on Connecticut as my first love has always been Vermont. I'm a Vermonter at heart, what could I say! I live for simple days, and an era that has gone by. I live for … Continue reading Daytripping in Litchfield County

Peak Foliage Week in Litchfield County

At last, we have made our way past Columbus Day here in Litchfield County and by all accounts, we know exactly what that means; the foliage is ready to peak. What seemed to have started out as a dull season thanks to the wet weather we have enjoyed this summer, has actually turned out to … Continue reading Peak Foliage Week in Litchfield County

Biking Litchfield County

What is it about a bike that just entices you to go anywhere on a moments notice and discover things you might otherwise not be able to see? Maybe it's the feeling of the open road, or the wind in your face, or maybe it's the pure joy of feeling like a kid again. Whatever … Continue reading Biking Litchfield County