Peak Foliage Week in Litchfield County

At last, we have made our way past Columbus Day here in Litchfield County and by all accounts, we know exactly what that means; the foliage is ready to peak. What seemed to have started out as a dull season thanks to the wet weather we have enjoyed this summer, has actually turned out to an ambient festival of colors, especially in northern Litchfield County in towns like Norfolk, Torrington, and Salisbury where the colors have popped tremendously over the past week.

This fall has been nothing short of boring. The farmers markets, the hayrides, the apple picking, the hot apple cider, and the weekend foliage tours have all made this an autumn to remember no matter what the foliage looks like. As New Englander’s, autumn is by far one of our most adored seasons. It signals change. Some much rather not see what comes after autumn, but others like myself are counting down the weeks until ski season arrives, and with the foliage peaking, it’s only a matter of time now.

If you’re wondering where some of the best spots for viewing are, take a tour along some of the back roads of Colebrook and Goshen, you’ll be impressed by what you see. Many of the secondary roads bring back memories of Vermont. There are plenty of dirt roads to keep you busy, and don’t worry about getting lost, that’s just half the fun. Grab a cup of hot apple cider and enjoy the sights with the family this weekend. You may not get to see sights like this again until next year as autumn draws closer to a close here in the northern hills. For the southern hills, in towns such as Watertown, Kent, and Thomaston, there’s still an ample amount of time left and expect a peak foliage in the southern part of the county by October 21st. This is New England, however, and nothing is ever set in stone. We’re full of surprises! Won’t you join us?

The pictures in this column are from a short foliage drive around the Colebrook and Norfolk areas.


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