Warm Weather Brings Warm Melodies and Hard Hats

This past Monday, just before election day, was a fantastic weather day here in the hills of Connecticut. A far cry from what it was nearly a week and a half ago as we sat inside our igloos with over a foot of snow outside. Monday was just perfect. Spring like in fact, and if mother nature is confused, we’ll take advantage of it, right?

Right. As New Englanders, we all know what’s in store for us over the next couple of months so when good weather hits, we take every opportunity to make love to the sun so to speak. I myself tried to take as much advantage of it as I could. I decided to head down to White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield, or “Whites Woods” as it’s known locally. A bit of a brisk walk with some sun being splashed on my face through the pines, but all in all not one single complaint from me. Heck, not even the horses that were galloping around weren’t complaining. Who could blame them.

As I strolled through Whites Woods, I noted some of the damage that was about from last weeks snow storm. Many branches were down among the snow that lay in the woods, often times blocking some of the trails. I often like to walk this area WHEN it’s snowing in a pair of snow shoes, but now, I just may have second thoughts. I better walk around with a hard hat next time.

As the warm sun faded away early thanks to this whole daylight savings time thing, it was time to escape the woods before the coyotes started to attack. It was only five o’clock. What could I possibly do next? I still had half the day ahead of me, and it was dark.

Time for dinner. I invited my mother out to one of my favorite restaurants here in Litchfield County, the good ol’ Fife’n Drum down in Kent. A short trek from the Torrington area, and a scenic ride as well. Okay, maybe not so scenic when it’s pitch black at five o’clock in the afternoon, but the stars were nice.

When we arrived, my mother and I noted right away the peace and quiet that welcomed us the moment we stepped foot out of the car. Silence. Not even in a pin drop. If you’re used to living in the city, this could take some getting used to for you, but for those of us here in the hills, this is pure bliss and one of the many reasons we live here. After all, who really wants to hear hustle and bustle twenty-four seven? No thank-you!

This was my mothers first visit here and she was charmed. We sat fireside as a pianist made his way over to the piano to play everyone in the restaurant a few tunes. The environment that we were in was very much humbling. In fact, we both referenced it to a Cheers episode since everyone sitting around seemed to know everybody.

After a glorious start to the day, this was indeed the perfect ending. Fireside dinning, just my mother and I sitting together sharing stories over a glass of wine. Who could ask for anything more?


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  1. Maris says:

    Hey Mike Valletta, Nice blog. I will post a link on my facebook page.


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