Daytrip: Following the Snow to Okemo Mountain Resort

It’s been a dry December for many of us here in Connecticut in terms of snow. Last week, we were surprised when a few modest inches were at our doorsteps, only to disappear a few days later. As a skier, the words coming out of my mouth aren’t pretty and come with a vocabulary including words starting with the letter F, and it’s not a pleasant word!

What kind of winter is this? Last winter, we were digging ourselves out of igloos and investing in things we’ve never heard of like roof rakes. (Roof rakes? Have you heard of them before last year?) Yes, so far, this winter is radically different for us but luckily for us skiers, we know where to go when there’s a lack of snow.

Vermont. A rather quiet state to the north that is home to more cows and moose than people. Seriously, they should be counted in the census. This time of year, however, all those cows and moose lay low as skiers from all across the globe venture to the Green Mountains and make an impact on weekend populations. By Monday, I think the population decreases to one thousand for the entire state. Don’t quote me.

Last weekend, I made my way up to Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow. It was the moment I was waiting for. It was the first run of the season for me. With only 4 runs open, it was a modest beginning, but one I had to take advantage of before my adrenaline took advantage of me. As I peered my eyes to the summit, I could see small little dots coming down. (Those would be people by the way!) There I was standing front and center in front of Vermont’s primer place for skiing and riding. Talk about a dream come true. It was as if I was a kid again!

It was time to stop looking. It was time to get my ski legs ready and make a few twists and turns on fresh made powder thanks to the resorts excellent snow making staff who work day and night just to get it all right and make everyones dreams come alive.

Once I reached the top of the mountain, it was all downhill, and in a good way! With each twist and turn, a smile radiated from my face. Call me crazy, but I was having the time of my life as I took in the views of the surrounding Green Mountains. Nothing in the world could have taken away my happiness, not even the sudden thought that by coming to the mountain to ski, I suddenly broke the bank forgetting about a car payment that came out! Oops.

While the thought crossed my mind briefly, what mattered was I had the time of my life. We live once. Living out my life to the fullest continues to be one of the most important things on my agenda. If you’re not out enjoying yourself, you’re not out enjoying your life, right?

So, as we continue to have a snow deficit here in Connecticut, there’s one place that will always have plenty of people snow dancing and making snow. Vermont. A skiers paradise and a city slickers worst nightmare. Thank god I’m not a city slicker.

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Ushering in the Joy of Christmas with Christmas Village

My Christmas memories go back many years here in Torrington, and many of those memories go back to standing in line at Christmas Village. I’ll never forget it. Those cold nights spent in hour long lines by a make shift fire to keep folks warm as we waited patiently to see Santa Clause and all of his little helpers. I can recall many times that I begged my parents to take me there. It’s one of those joyous childhood memories you’ll just never forget.

The hot chocolate. The reindeers. The elves. Christmas Village is what makes Torrington the ultimate Christmas town in Connecticut. No where else could you find such a magical place filed with holiday cheer, and today that holiday cheer was alive and well as folks from all over came to downtown Torrington to usher in the opening of Christmas Village. I felt like a kid again as I stood along main street watching the parade make their way through Main Street and onwards to Christmas Village where all the children in town seemed to gather around just for a visit with the big old jolly man himself.

No Christmas is complete without a visit to Torrington’s Christmas Village. It’s like Disney. It’s the place where dreams are made of. It’s the magical escape from reality we all need to relive those childhood memories of a Christmas past.

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