A Litchfield County Christmas

When you think of your ultimate Christmas destination, do you have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head along with little tiny elves running a muck? Maybe you have visions of a warm tropical paradise where Santa is kicking back topless and sun tanning at the beach. (Images!!!!!) Whatever you’re dreaming of for Christmas, there’s a place in northwestern Connecticut to suit your needs, minus the tanning Santa luckily.

Take Torrington, for instance. If you want to explore the north pole, Torrington is practically your next best thing. Thanks to Torrington’s location in the southern Berkshires, the city seems to have a hovering snow cloud that likes to let loose at any given time so snow is almost never a problem. Take a stroll through downtown and visit the array of shops who’s windows are adorned with Christmas cheer. Make your way to the world famous Christmas house on Main street where over 80,000 Christmas lights await you along with a fully decorated interior that leaves no inch uncovered. It’s every child’s paradise, and a great deal of fun for the whole family and when you’re ready to see the good old jolly man himself, take a stroll over to Christmas Village where the entire staff, including the reindeer, await you in open arms. Torrington is the ultimate Christmas town in Connecticut, hands down.

Once you’ve had all about you can handle with Santa and the gang, get ready to meet country chic in Riverton where classic Christmas lights sit on every window sill in town and visions of a Norman Rockwell like Christmas village pop in your head. The town is noted for it’s small town New England charm and when the Christmas season arrives, so too does the Christmas cheer. Stop into an old time general store where the small town folks will await you for a cup of hot chocolate after you’ve taken in the nostalgic Christmas lights of the town.

Maybe you’re in the mood for something a little more crisp. Take a drive up to Norfolk in the dark of night and make a visit to the tree on the green. Norfolk is the icebox of Connecticut thanks to it’s cooler temperatures, so as you stroll along on the green, be sure to be in your best winter attire, literally. Unless of course you would like to become the towns next ice sculpture display.

So you see, even while I only listed a handful of towns, there’s something completely different about each one, and there’s something for everyone each mile of the way.

Sorry, there’s still no signs of a tanning Santa.


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