Joe Kopler Keeps Childhood Imaginations Alive

The wind whips a harmony of music as it floats through the evening skies. A dark escapade of howls come crawling out of the woods as it whips on down the mountain peaks and then back up the mountain peaks. A gentle but steady snow falls and blankets the hilltown and transforms it into a quiet winter wonderland.

As I sit here curled up on my couch visualizing everything that is happening in this sleepy town during this cold winters night, I sit here pondering about the magic of it all. When the sun comes up and shines brightly over the hills and mountains it shines an array of gold from all the glistening snow that this night has brought.

Curled up with a hot chocolate in my hand watching the marshmallows start to melt as if it were snow flakes melting into a warm chocolate river, the magic of it all sends chills through my body as I enjoy the excitement that only a night like this can bring.

Yes, on a cold winters night, I sit listening to a harmony like no other. The mountains are alive in all their great glory….

Imagination. It’s what you get from looking at one simple picture. Art can inspire you in more ways than you ever thought possible. In Torrington, there lies a man who could trigger every sense in the human body and spark creativity out of life’s simplest things. Our good friend Joe Kopler is the Norman Rockwell of Litchfield County. He has helped to inspire me and keep my imagination going as if I was reliving childhood all over again. There’s not many people that can do that, but when Joe hands you a painting like the one below, in a world so large, anything is possible.

Happy Birthday, Joe!

For more information about Joe Kopler, check out his website:


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