Who has the Best Coffee on the Cheap?

As Americans, we’re all on a budget. The dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to. It includes everything, even our morning cup of joe which can cost anywhere from two to five dollars on the average. So, how can you make the pinch feel less harsh?

Make a stop at your local Mickey D’s. You’ll be surprised by what you taste! For years, I have been ignoring those who have told me McDonalds has the best coffee in America. I ignored all of them, and went on to spend five-dollars a day on a great cup of coffee at Starbucks. Then, one day, my local Starbucks was closed and I had to settle for what I thought was less. Then, there I was. Starring and sipping on what was possibly the best coffee I have ever had, and for just a buck!

Any size, any day. Just a buck. I couldn’t believe what I have been missing out on all this time. It then made me wonder, what else was I missing out on. It was then and there that I had a revelation. It was time to conquer everything else I had previously ignored. It’s amazing what coffee can do.


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