Day One at The Dew Tour

The Dew Tour. It’s what makes winter less depressing and it’s what gives us snow lovers an adrenaline rush! Packed with the top athletes from around the world, The Dew Tour here at Killington is already off the hook!

I arrived to my hotel around 11AM. What a place! Quaintly named The Inn of the Six Mountains, the hotel has a grand view of Killington and is surrounded by plenty of company including famous Killington area restaurants like The Wobbly Barn, the place to be seen during the tour as live concerts will be taking center stage come the weekend.

Once I checked into the hotel, and into my comfortable room, I immediately hit the slopes to check out all the action. A short five minute drive brought me over to Bear Mountain, the other side of the resort where The Dew Tour has set up shop. It was there I was met with large crowds and loud music, enough to get me even more pumped that I was already a part of this!

I headed over to the AT&T Dome where I would meet up with the team that would let me borrow the hottest new device, the Pantech Element, for the duration that I’m at the event. This sleek new gadget, not even released to the public yet, is perfect for snow sports. It’s water proof! Anyone down for a snowball fight? The element can proudly take it, and then some!

Once I was hooked up with my tablet, I headed over the Grand Hotel where I was then hooked up with VIP passes for The Dew Tour. What! I can’t even believe I’m rolling VIP here. I’ve got bragging rights for a lifetime, and once I took hold of my passes, it was time to head back over to Bear Mountain to start playing with my new play toy. A quick crash course and I was on my way to snapping up some awesome pictures that offered up amazing clarity, and since it’s water proof, I didn’t even need to worry about it in the snow!

I spent about an hour snapping away before the festivities suspended for the day, and since I woke up before the birds even got a chance to get up, it was soon time for me to suspend my day on the mountain as well, but not before ensuring I was fed well after a long day! Hey, I’m only 100 pounds. A skinny boy has GOT to eat. I decided to stop into my favorite restaurant, The Grist Mill, where I was sure to be fed like a king. A juicy burger was devoured in minutes, though I suppose the local ale from Long Trail Brewery down the road helped that along.

It’s been an awesome first day out here at the tour. It’s snowing now and it’s said that we could expect quite a few inches by the morning. I’m pumped to be getting up early and doing it all again!


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