Mike Valletta

Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

I woke up around 6AM this morning, and thank god I did. We got plenty of snow last night! A forecast of three inches was predicted for the area, but for Killington, three inches can easily mean a lot more! Today was the day I planned on trying on my Pantech Element on the slopes, but not before heading over to the VIP breakfast over at The Grand Hotel right over at… Read More

When you want to escape the elements at The Dew Tour, you may want to stop over and visit AT&T’s amazing dome, which looks almost like an igloo, set up right on the grounds of the outdoor village. Oh sure, it may be cold outside, but once you get inside, the heat is on! A comfortable temperature inside compared to the frigid temps outside here at Killington greets you as you explore… Read More