Day Two at The Dew Tour

I woke up around 6AM this morning, and thank god I did. We got plenty of snow last night! A forecast of three inches was predicted for the area, but for Killington, three inches can easily mean a lot more!

Today was the day I planned on trying on my Pantech Element on the slopes, but not before heading over to the VIP breakfast over at The Grand Hotel right over at the base of Killington where a delicious selection of coffee and fresh pastries awaited me. Nothing says good morning like Vermont’s Green Mountain coffee! You don’t need more than one cup to wake you up, but since I love coffee, I had four cups. I’m wired!!

I headed out on the slopes to capture some more footage with the element. It was a bitter two degrees! I stayed on the slopes for about an hour but got some amazing shots. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with how clear the pictures come out. I have an Apple mentality, but Pantech suddenly has me hooked!

I was itching to test out just how waterproof it was, so I dropped in the snow along side the slopes. Yes, I said dropped! Most people wouldn’t even imagine doing such a thing. I have guts though, maybe too much for my own good considering I’m just a little guy. I left it there for about five minutes, then picked it back up. I was afraid to start playing with it though. Would it work? You bet it did! Just as good as when I took it out of the package.

Since it was bone chilling cold here at Killington, I stayed on the slopes for about an hour. Good enough! Besides, it was time to head back over to The Dew Tour to get a look at all the action happening, though maybe the cold did something to my brain because I clearly forgot it snowed and the road over was completely snow covered! I managed to drive like a champ though in my little Ford Focus. It survived the trip over and there I was sitting front and center again at The Dew Tour.

It’s a bit of a rough day. The passing of Sarah Burke who was supposed to be here this weekend hit a lot of people hard. Today was not a day for interviews at the VIP Athlete Lounge where I sat, rather respect for her friends and family. It’s a tight nit community, and many people felt the impact of her loss.

The athletes continued to compete well, however, even with the loss fresh in their minds. A party was had by all, including the spectators who were pumped up about being able to attend the event.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be a part of all this. This experience will forever be in my mind. I’m headed back home to Connecticut today for work later tonight, but I simply cannot thank AT&T and Pantech enough for the VIP access to the event. It’s very much like Disney World for me. This was a trip of a lifetime!


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