Tribute to Sarah Burke at The Dew Tour

This week while at The Dew Tour, I learned of the shocking announcement that Sarah Burke, a beloved athlete in the snow industry, had passed away from injuries she sustained while practicing for upcoming events.

It was an announcement that didn’t come easy to many of us, and it was quite the somber second day on the tour as athletes mourned the loss. On day three, NBC put together this terrific tribute to her and all that she was.

There’s no doubt that snow sports involve risk. As a skier for twenty years, I know the risks involved before I make my way onto the slopes and prepare for any dangers as best I can. Sometimes, they are unavoidable, but when you’re passionate about something you do like Sarah was, you’ll dedicate your life to it no matter what risks are involved. Life is what you make of it. Sarah knew exactly how to make every minute of it count for the best. She passed away while doing something she loved.

Forever in our hearts, may the spirit of Sarah Burke live on forever.


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