Kringle Candle Company: A Business Plan with Scents

If you’re anything like me and love a good candle or two for your home, you know that variety is important. While most of us New Englanders flock to Yankee Candle wether in our local malls or at the flagship store along Interstate 91 in Massachusetts, now, there’s even more variety to choose from a whole different kind of candle company that will have you head over heels walking to the pharmacy to look for headache medicine after a few hundred sniffs of their candles.

Kringle Candle Company, also off Interstate 91 in Massachusetts, just up by the Vermont border in Benardston, offers up some amazing works of art of the most simplest of candles: white candles. That’s right. If you’re looking for something plan and simple with a touch of spice and variety, Kringle has got you covered. From kitchen spice scents, to scents that will have you thinking you just walked through an evergreen forest, Kringle knows how to offer up the right candle for you, but most importantly, they really know how to promote their products.

Like Yankee Candle, Kringle has a series of rooms and showcases designed to promote specific candles. For instance, if you’re looking for a candle out of their cooking spice department, look no further than a walk through their kitchen showcase. Maybe you’re in the mood for something wintry, take a short stroll across the street to their Christmas loft where you’ll find a wide variety of Christmas scents and home decor.

When you’re candle shopping, you can’t just candle shop. You have to experience the kind of candle that you’re purchasing, in a sense, and Kringle Candle is one of the few places that just seems to get it right.

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