Why You’ll Go Crazy for Being Lazy at Lazy Frog’s

This morning I was making my way back down to Litchfield County after spending the evening skiing in the Berkshires when I felt my stomach rumble. It had occurred to me that I completely skipped out on breakfast. Not good! For a little guy, I require large amounts of food to keep me satisfied. To be honest with you, I’m not quite sure where it goes. I’ve been exactly one-hundred pounds for the past five years!

So there I was, stopped at an intersection in Torrington wondering where to go for a bite to eat. I’m always on the go, and have a diet that portrays it. Restaurants just seem to be my life so of course it was only natural to try out something new in our neck of the woods, a quaint fast food joint in Morris called Lazy Frog’s.

Now, when you think fast food, you think McDonalds. Not so fast. This is Litchfield County. Any food that is fast food in the small towns has to portray our small town ways of life, and Lazy Frog’s has done just that.

Located at the old Webster Bank location in Morris, just off route 63, sits this barn like structure that is anything but just another hole in the wall restaurant. Lazy Frog’s is fast food with attitude cooking up some down home country cooking at budget friendly prices and inside a building that screams Litchfield County!

I decided that my first time here, I’d start off small. A cheeseburger with a side of fries. You just can’t go wrong with that great American combo, and for under six bucks, I was already satisfied. For starters, it’s better than traditional fast food and probably much healthier too. Fast food on the cheap, AND healthy? I think I’ve just landed in paradise!

Once my order was ready, I headed to their snazzy outdoor patio where I sat and watched the gently falling snow transform the landscape to a bit of white. I sat down, quickly unraveled the packaging of my food, and took my first bite of the cheeseburger. Delicious! Fries? Even better, they’re home fries just can’t be beaten!

When you think you’ve tried the best, there’s always someone new to come along to prove to you that you’re wrong, and Lazy Frog’s is clearly the new king of fast food joints in Connecticut.

For more information, check them out on Facebook: http://facebook.com/pages/Lazy-Frogs/228992523800703?id=228992523800703&_rdr


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  1. Heather says:

    OOOH! Must try. Let me get this right, blinky light intersection at 63 & 109?


    1. Right on! It’s worth the drive out there, they even serve up breakfast!


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