Social Media Minute: The Social Media Lifestyle

It’s about 7AM and the sun starts shining through my window to wake me up. As I awake, I quickly reach over to my iPhone to glance through Facebook and Twitter status updates that I missed from overnight.

Around 7:30AM I’m checking into my morning shows via my GetGlue app which are then shared out to my social media sites so that my family and friends can see what shows I’m tuning into.

8AM, I’m out the door and making a stop out to McDonalds for breakfast where I check in via my Foursquare app. As I’m sitting down for breakfast enjoying my cup of coffee, I’m enjoying the conversations I’m having with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

This, is the life of a social media guru. I’m constantly connected throughout the day. With Facebook, I can scroll through my feeds and event invites to see what is happening and where I what I want my agenda to be for the day. It’s also on Facebook where I’ll share the pictures I have taken throughout the day, including places I’ve checked into.

Some say, I’ve gone too far with being socially connected, others say it’s an addiction, but is it really? Is constantly being connected to the world really such a bad thing? I beg to differ. My connection to the world around me, and essentially a world that’s always at my fingertips, has deepened my relationships amongst family and friends and has helped to foster new friendships from people I otherwise wouldn’t have met.

Take the Foursquare app for instance. While sitting in line at the drive thru of a local McDonald’s, I checked into the establishment utilizing Foursquare while at the same time, one other person had checked in just seconds before me. That person, was the driver of the car sitting in front of me. We connected via the app and met in real time with a friendly wave.

Living a social media life isn’t hard, and with the advancements of today’s smart phones, there’s certainly not a lot of hard work involved either. Social media has essentially made the social world much simpler and user friendly, even to those who are otherwise introverts. Would it shock you to know that I too was once an introvert and to this day, still display a bit of it? Judging by my social platforms, you would have never known!

So the next time you’re contemplating about how much you are using your social networks, take a second look. You may not be using it enough or to it’s potential. There’s a greater good out there and social media can help you get there, one connection at a time.


1 thought on “Social Media Minute: The Social Media Lifestyle”

  1. Surprisingly 4k+ checkins, 80+ badges and who knows how many tips later I still haven’t managed to actually meet/recognize anyone who I saw checked in on 4sq.

    However the founder of Foursquare, who is from Torrington…Naveen Selvadurai was at TJ Maxx within 2 hours of me once lol


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