Scary Things You Find on Google…About Yourself

Have you ever taken a few minutes out of your daily life and pondered about what exactly is on the Internet about you? I do it often. In fact, the thought crosses my mind at least a half dozen times within a week, which is why I can often be found Googling myself. (There’s something that just sounds wrong about that!)

Googling myself, (Oh, lord.) doesn’t require much effort than a few strokes of entering your name in the search and voilà! You are then faced with everything regarding your name online. Most of what I find about me are pertaining to the articles I have written on my blog, or about my affiliation with The Register Citizen. It’s a pretty cool thing to see as I scroll through the past and present. At times, I can even find old MySpace posts. Remember that site?

Then, there’s things that will completely just throw you for a loop. It will have you questioning everything about the accuracy of the Internet. In a recent search just this week through Google’s image search of my name, I found an image of The Situation from MTV’s hit reality show, The Jersey Shore.

I’m not quite sure how I fit in there. Yes, I am Italian, but I’m not orange nor am I a stereotypical Guido. I don’t fancy myself in expensive clothing and I surely would never live in Jersey! No offense, New Jersey, you’re just not my style.

So, how exactly did this come about? One would have to conduct a massive amount of research to find out. I’m guessing it may have to do with the affiliation of my cousin, and actress, Amber Valletta, who was also pictured under the search term of my name, which makes you wonder, how does Amber even come close to Mike? I’m not a female.

Google has a mind of it’s own! I’m not quite sure it knows me as well as I know it. We’ll need to work on our relationship a little better.


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