Social Vixen Heads to Catamount!

Everyone knows I love a good road trip. I mean come on, who doesn’t love to hit the pedal to the medal and jet the car across the open roads of America. What I love even more, however, is a good old fashioned ski trip to one of our many nearby resorts. Skiing takes the blues out of the term winter blues, which is probably why the only individuals who aren’t depressed during the winter are skiers.

Recently, my friend, and fellow blogger, Kristen Colapinto, took a ski trip up to nearby Catamount, a beautiful mountain set in the heart of the southern Berkshires and adjacent to the New York border.

Obviously, Kristen loves to ski just as much as I do, if not, even more! Take a look at her latest posting to get all of the juicy details on her awesome day out in the mountains: http://www.socialvixen.com/travel/today-ski-day-at-catamount-in-hillsdale-ny/


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