In Drunken Groundhogs We Trust

Spring has sprung says Chuckles, the furry little rodent from Connecticut. Six more weeks of winter our old man Phil proclaims out in Pennsylvania. Who’s right? If you ask me, both rodents are drunk and were clearly pre gaming for today’s festivities. I mean honestly, do they think we’re naive! We’ve stopped trusting those furry little critters years ago. Besides, they only have a 39% accuracy on forecasting the weather, as if a rodent could actually forecast the weather, that is.

We are a nation built on trust, and it has occurred to me that, over time, we have trusted the groundhog more than today’s weathermen, if that doesn’t say a lot then I don’t know what does.

So today, Chuckles, here in Connecticut, proclaims an end to winter. Maybe he didn’t see the sudden falling temperatures that we’ve had today and a sky that resembled snow by the afternoon. That’s one point for old man Phil.

Why are we trusting groundhogs again?


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