At Mohawk, the Snow is Good!

As of late, I’ve been staying at the local resorts. The past week or so has been pretty dry for the ski resorts in the north country, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for me to spend my hard earned money locally. After all, the folks at these resorts are my neighbors!

Friday afternoon after I picked my skis up from the ski shop I spend time at up in Pittsfield,MA, I drove my car back home to good old Litchfield County where I made my way over to Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall. Mohawk continues to have special meaning to me as it was my first job growing up. Believe it or not, that was ten years ago!

Mohawk has always been my favorite local mountain here in Connecticut. Not only do they always guarantee snow since they invented it, but the views are absolutely incredible from the top as you look over to the Taconic mountains in New York. It will leave you speechless that we have such undisrupted views of such an incredible landscape right here in our own backyards.

As the sun went down Friday night, it was time for me to ski under the lights and what a delight it was! The snow was good! A few ice spots to roughen me up a little bit, but all and all, a rather gratifying experience as I spent a solid four hours on the slopes. To elaborate, that’s four hours of non-stop skiing. If you think that’s bad, I went back on Saturday morning to do it all over again! Yes, another four hours of non-stop skiing.

The conditions on Saturday were even better. For one, it wasn’t as brutally cold as it was on Friday night. No need for a hat, it was a bluebird day out on the slopes as the sun splashed my face with color by the end of the day. Every run I made was well worth spending my money locally. Mohawk just knows how to deliver it’s guests expectations, even despite a rather tough winter!

By the way, did I mention they also offer Snowga?


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