Bumps and Bruises to Show, a Skiing Accident Still Won’t Get Me Down!

As a professional skier, I take great pride in having the ability to master some of the toughest courses in New England. Our icy slopes are very much for the brave! As a professional, I watch the ice slowly and study it throughout the day. In the morning, the snow is good. In the afternoon, the snow slowly turns to ice. By evening, the slopes are an ice skating rink!

This is common at most of the resorts around New England. Our snow is mainly very frozen and not the fluffy powder that west coast skiers enjoy. I’ve been skiing these slopes for well over twenty years now. I’ve had a few bumps and bruises along the way, but this weekend, I encountered a close call.

It was around 7PM on the frigid slopes of Jiminy Peak. The lights were on for night skiing. A big thrill for me since the slopes are a vast ghost town at those hours. More people enjoy skiing through the day, which unfortunately doesn’t leave much snow to play with at night, rather it turns into one big skating rink. I headed down a trail I had been skiing all day. It was a trail I felt pretty comfortable with and was well lit.

Then, it happened. I was making my way down to the base when I came across a side of the slope with a number of jumps. I thought for sure I was able to handle it. I looked twice to make sure there were no visible ice patches, and none were to be seen, by the naked eye anyways. I continued along, then made my way onto one of the jumps when suddenly up in the air I went, backwards, legs over the head and a hard landing on my neck and back. I hit an ice patch.

At first, I thought I was okay. After all, this happens from time to time, even for us professionals! I picked up my skis which came dislodged from my boots and continued my way back down to the chairlifts. It was there, that I had discovered I was quite soar. My neck had become tense, and my right thumb badly bruised. It was clear to me I had to end my night. My body was aching from the fall.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt every bit of the fall. My neck stiff. My thumb barely movable. It’s every skiers worst nightmare. I was pretty beaten up from the course. I threw on some Icy Hot to relieve the tensions. It seemed to work. The stinging pains were slowly fading away, though only for a short time. After the fall, my whole body was soar over the weekend!

I’m a fighter. I’m a strong believer in fighting through the pain. For the most part, it works! I went back out and skied again the next day, and by night fall those sharp pains I felt in the morning seemed to have calmed down, only acting up once in a while to let me know healing needs to take place!

I can’t remember the last time I was in this bad of a skiing accident. They happen all the time! Even for experts, the slopes are a challenge and are too often a force to be reckoned with. Skiing is a very dangerous sport. When someone tells you to be careful out there, they mean it every literal sense!

All and all, it was another awesome weekend, despite the injuries. I’ll be back out on the slopes next weekend. After a week of rest, I should be as good as new to take on another fall!


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