Another month. Another skier. It has been a tragic year for many of us involved in winter sports. Earlier in the season while I was on tour at The Dew Tour in Killington, news broke of Sarah Burke passing away from injuries she sustained from a nasty ski injury. Today, on my way up to Killington for the weekend, more horific news broke of Canadian skier Nick Zoricic getting killed from head injuries he sustained while competing in a race in Switzerland.

There is no doubt that skiing is a very dangerous sport. We are warned of the dangers before we hit the slopes by numerous signs. We go forward though with plans to increase our speed downhill, and unfortunately, our need for speed is exactly what kill us. As a skier, we need to ski with control. Period. Nick, like our friend Sarah, was an extremely talented skier who died doing something he loved. He will be missed terribly. Tonight, we mourn. Tomorrow, we carry onward.