Site Preview: Social Bachelor

A little more than two months ago, I announced that the site would take on a new look and feel as it becomes completely rebranded in order to capture more of who I am and a broader audience. Today, I’m proud to announce a preview of what the site will look like. It’s still a ways out from it’s official launch, and there’s plenty of hard work going on behind the scenes.

For the preview, you’ll get a glimpse of the new layout as well as the new site title, Social Bachelor. Site content to go with the new brand name will soon be generating.

What I’m most excited about on the new site is the hashtag project that goes along with it. #SocialBachelor will be used on all photos on my Instagram and the hashtag will also be used over on Twitter. The project completely streamlines the entire brand.

Why the change? I needed a site that depicted more of who I am. “In Touch” worked well as a starting site, now it’s time to grow and capitalize on the successes already made. “Social Bachelor” is about me, a bachelor who’s constantly on the move and engulfed in social activity nearly every waking minute. Make no mistake, you won’t just hear about me, you’ll also read a lot on social and current events because quite simply, that’s what makes me a Social Bachelor.


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