Mike Valletta

Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

Ever hear a good song that just makes you want to get up out of the drivers seat of the car and just start dancing? I know I’m not the only one with such a passion! Today, I heard this song called Cinema on the David Guetta station on my Pandora. I wish I could have put it on repeat for the entire duration I was in the car! I had this… Read More

Every so often, we come across a rewards program that is so innovative and cool that we just have to share it with our friends. One of my favorite stores to shop, Express, has come out with a rewards program that does just that. It’s called Express NEXT. While the NEXT program isn’t new to the company as they have always offered it for their credit card holders, it is new for… Read More

I make a lot of trips down to New York City. Living within a close proximity to it here in Connecticut, we’re often referred to as one big suburb of the Big Apple. All it takes is a look around at how we drive to see just how true that is! When it comes to the road, we’re maniacs, and we get our behavior directly from the city that never sleeps. It’s… Read More