Why I Love Getting a Haircut

Most guys could go weeks without getting a haircut. In fact, I know plenty who go months before a clipper even comes close to their head. As a self proclaimed metrosexual, I like to keep up on appearances, so every 2 weeks I am faithfully at my favorite salon in the Farmington Valley, Zinc.

Zinc offers an incredible atmosphere. It’s sophisticated, yes, but calm and inviting at the same time. It’s one of those places that you go to really treat yourself. The space is filled with lush floral arrangements and tasteful artwork. If you ever needed some time to unwind, Zinc has got you covered!

The salon treats both men and women and offer a variety of services. For $25, I can get my hair cut and shampooed and walk out feeling like a new man ready to conquer the day. Zinc even knows what products to use to coordinate with it’s hospitable environment. The products they use have soothing aromas so you get a spa atmosphere without the spa prices.

Just take a look at the file photos from the salons website below. Would you ever want to leave? Now you know why I love getting a haircut!


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