Mike’s Back! How Some Time Away from the Blogosphere Helped Set the Tone for the Next Chapter

After an extended time away from the blogosphere, I’ve finally come back. It was an unexpected leave, one that was completely unannounced but everyone who is anyone knows that someone in their mid 20’s has to live a little, right?

Living is exactly what I have been doing. It’s been an awesome summer between exploring new places, catching up with old friends, and meeting new friends along the way. Ever since I decided to change up this blog and focus more on content that involves my life and the places I end up at along the way, I took the time off to regroup so I could have a clearer understanding of just where I want the future of this blog to go. I think I have a much better picture now.

So many of you are used to me focusing in on one geographical area in Connecticut. I’m excited to announce that you’ll now be reading way more than just that. As the name of the blog suggests, I like to be social. You’ll get an inside look at all the events I attend, the states I travel to, even cool trendy topics of the envious bachelor life. Is it really all that envious?

In a way, I’m glad I took the break that I did. Sometimes, you just need some time for yourself in order to recharge the brain and reinvigorate the senses a little bit. We all change. We all grow. As we grow, however, we need to pause and listen to the world around us. Take that time out for ourselves to find out what our next journey in life has in store for us. Life isn’t about staying on one road forever, sometimes you just have to stare at a fork in the road and wonder which path you should continue to take. Never fear uncharted territory, embrace it. That is exactly what I have learned from my time away. Onwards and upwards into the next chapter.

I hope the summer has been good for you all. I know it has for me. Between vacationing, partying, training for the upcoming ski season, and even working my tail off a little, it’s been quite the busy summer, but indeed one to remember.

Check out some of the pictures below which are just a sampling from the some of the places I’ve visited over the past few months which include Virginia Beach, Busch Gardens, Lake George, Washington DC, and even some cool spots along the shore here in Connecticut.


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