Falling Back into Fall: New England’s Best Season

Ah, here it is all over again. Crisp mornings followed by sun drenched afternoons that seem to radiate even more with the vibrant colors of the leaves on the trees. Fall is upon is and is in full swing here in my little corner of Connecticut, Litchfield County.

It didn’t take long for autumn to arrive. A couple cold nights and voilà! The trees around the house are blasting with color and the warm scents of fall are in the air, including the heart melting aroma of wood burning furnaces and fireplaces as we keep warm during the chill of night.

Fall is a wonderful season isn’t it? There’s just something about it here in New England. Something special. Something, you just can’t quite put your finger on. Maybe it’s the pumpkin spice coffee you pick up from the coffee house in the morning, or that fresh made apple pie with just picked apples off the trees from the nearby orchards. Whatever it is, I like it. Nothing beats autumn in New England, and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone right now.

Today being the first day of October, I decided to take a little trip up to the north to go spend some time around my timeshare at nearby Jiminy Peak Ski Resort in the Berkshires. I haven’t been there since the last day of ski season. It was a breathtaking trip. The views were even more incredible than they are during the winter. The foliage was of course the added treat as the mountains played a harmony of music. Call me crazy, but I swear they were playing music, and no, it wasn’t Death Leopard or Rob Zombie.

On my journey, I snapped up a couple of gorgeous pictures. I’ve been to the area many times over, but for some reason every time you venture out there it just seems even more different, even more beautiful than the last.

I didn’t make an attempt to spend the night. I prefer to use my timeshare at the resort during ski season as much as possible rather than during the off season, but still, the trip was worth it! I even managed to stop and grab some dinner at Powder Hounds, which I might add has the best beers on tap. Octoberfest! It’s like a New England tradition.


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  1. Erik jensen says:

    I just love autumn in New England as well. The berkshires are such a wonderful spot, and of course one of my favorite artists, James Taylor, resides there! I go up to VT every Columbus Day weekend o go camping with the family. I’m so looking forward to this weekend!!


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