Litchfield County Foliage Fades Away, With a Bang

You know, I just love it. I love the changing of the seasons, particularly at home in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Tonight before work, I took a little drive up through Norfolk then back down into Winchester Center and eventually making my way back home to Torrington.

Why did I do this? Well, I’m all about clearing my head before and after a long night of work and this certainly helps this process, and tonight was no different, but there was just something about tonight that made it more worthwhile. Perhaps it was the gorgeous sunset as it pierced through the now bare trees. Maybe it was the clouds that made it feel like a late November night, or maybe, it was the beauty of the pastoral countryside we live in on a superb autumn day in New England.

Whatever it was, I just couldn’t help but to snap up a few quick pictures from the breathtaking views. Could you blame me?


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