Oh Sandy!

Spare me anymore details about the impending storm. We all remember last year how we were snowbound for days without electricity and any working cell phone service. It was as if we were living in a pre modern world! Scary? Heck yeah! It’s not something I want to live through again, though the odds are slowly turning against me on that one.

Sandy, or Frankenstorm as we’re calling it, is one heck of a storm. It’s a category one spinning out in the Atlantic with its sights on the northeast and hoping to make a significant impact on southern New England. That’s bad! The winds are planning on being ferocious and the rain might require a boat, or maybe Noah’s ark. It’s just not something any of us will want to have to deal with, but we will.

Like many, I’ve spent the past 24 hours preparing. I’m fully stocked with my bottles of wine and all of the cheese and crackers one could live off of. Yes, these are important, important for a hurricane party. Hey, you got to make light of this situation somehow, right? Don’t worry, I’ve also got plenty of beer. Oh, and water and canned food too I suppose.

So while we wait for Sandy to come and be not so dandy of a visitor, it’s important to pay full attention to everything that is going on with her and where and when she will land. Honestly, can’t she just go back to where she came from? Those pesky unwanted guests, I’ll tell ya.



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