Outside In: Decorating for Christmas from the Great Outdoors

So this year I’ve been pretty excited about the whole holiday decorating thing. I mean, honestly who isn’t? Every year I, like many of you, unpack and search high and low for every single piece of decor I tucked away since the spring. I really hate that dreaded game. You think you know where everything is then boom, it’s not where you remember it to be!

Well, this year I decided to do something completely different thanks to a little site, and my trusty new friend, called Pinterest. Pinterest, the online pin board for just about everything you can think of, is highly addicting and has tons of cool ideas to deck the halls for the holidays. Searching through, I noticed so many have been going traditional and bringing the outdoors, indoors. That’s a cool idea! I mean why should I go but a thing of garland when I can get pine from my own backyard for free and have a field day in my home!

Oh yeah, field day is exactly what’s been happening. In fact, I may be going just a little over the top with this and you may think you’ve walked into the woods when you enter my home but it’s a feeling I’m really enjoying!

I went for a little hike and savaged up a whole bunch of pine branches and balsams. Next, I collected a whole lot of pine cones and some hard wood pieces. It was a lot of fun for me finding this stuff. It was like one big scavenger hunt in the big old woods! I felt just like a kid.

Now, into the decorating. I’m no Martha Stewart, but when you take some pine branches and throw them onto a coffee table and scatter a few little pine cones around candles your night going to use, it really looks awesome! I did this trend though out the whole house and now I’ve turned my house into a rustic Christmas lodge. A few pine cones and pine around some mirrors, a log with some pine in front of the television, yup, I’d say it’s starting to look a whole lot like Christmas at my house, and on a shoestring budget of free!

Thanks, Pinterest, I owe you one.




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