I Can’t Live Without My Coffee

I can never do it. I just can’t. I roll out of bed yearning for it every morning. I just don’t know how anyone could ever live without this magic potion so many of us know as coffee. It’s really something special ya know. That jolt. That rush. It gives us that get up and go to conquer the day, as long as we can brew it, that is.

Yes, there comes a time when our coffee makers apparently don’t have any get up and go, and to get them to get up and go requires hard work.

I had trouble with my Keurig this morning. It wouldn’t brew at all, no matter how much water I put in or which button I pressed, nada! No bueno, I need my coffee and talk to me until I’ve had it. I got on the phone quickly with customer care. They told me all I had to do, was spank it. Burp it that is. They wanted me to turn the machine upside down and give it a good old fashion whack.

Well, apparently after reading reviews online this has worked for many people. Everyone apparently has abused their $200 coffee makers to make it work again. As for me, this didn’t work! Maybe I just really needed my coffee for some extra oomph.

Another phone call to Keurig had me in business. After explaining the situation and trying to resolve it over the phone, I was hooked up with a free replacement Keurig. Score? Absolutely! It will be shipped to my house within 3-7 business days. Hey, I’ll wait. When my new Keurig arrives, I’ll even treat it like a little baby and make sure it’s burped frequently as directed.



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