Traveling the World on Bed Rest

No one ever said life was easy, but it sure is interesting! This week has really been just that for me. I was dealt some pretty bad cards just before the holidays, but I’m really making the best out of a bad situation. After all, isn’t that what you should do?

It all began the morning of Friday December 14th. May we all never forget that day after what had happened in the quaint little town of Newtown. My heart continues to be heavy for them. Around the same time that morning, just before 10AM as I was commuting back home from work, I blacked out at the wheel and drove my car into a guardrail where it then totaled my 2008 Ford Focus and once I become conscious again I sat and stared at a guardrail inside of the car with almost every airbag imaginable deployed.

I was pretty lucky. I survived with few injuries that I really felt the day after causing me not to walk. Pains in the lower back and right knee have not been too kind to me. My doctor on the hand was very kind to hand me a prescription for Vicodin.

Just when I thought the traumatic week was over, I nearly die a second time thanks to an infected tooth that was caused by nerve damage from the accident. I was lucky to have seen the dentist at 8AM walking in with a 100 degree fever and throbbing headache. The tooth is out, but had I not had it taken care of, it was about to close up my airways.

Yes, it’s been one crazy week just before the holidays. Never would I have ever imagined any of this. Then again, who does! When it rains it pours.

The doctor has commanded me to plenty of R&R….in bed! My mobility is quite limited still. We’ve done blood work to ensure the reason I blacked out wasn’t a thyroid problem but that has since come back okay. We are waiting on the results of the cat-scan next. Obviously the doctor is quite worried as to why I blacked out just as much as he is about my limited mobility.

So, what does one do in my position? Well, lets explore what I’ve been doing so far.

1. Sleep. Oh, it’s been a beautiful thing to catch up on sleep! I can sleep all day and night thanks to the wonderful drugs I’ve been out on. Sweet, beautiful, blissful sleep. Almost as if I was a baby all over again, but then comes the weird dreams I’ve been having thanks to the Vicodin which include snowboarding in Hawaii and running away from volcanic eruptions. This isn’t working out so well.

2. Television. I don’t have cable or satellite since I canceled it months ago on the count of I’m never home so I’m limited to DVD’s. Oh, it’s great to catch up on all the old movies I have laying around! But, then they get really, really old to watch and I’m out back to sleep and dreaming about parachuting from the Eiffel Tower. Nope, still not working out well.

3. 52 Pick Up. What a fun old school game! I found a deck of cards sitting on the nightstand. After playing a couple of solo games, I was ready for 52 pickup that I would have assumed would land on the bed. Nope, all over the floor instead. Well, that game ended quickly so it was back to dreamland I went dreaming about being chased by tigers in jungle and falling off a cliff. Nope, not working out well.

4. Social Media. Okay, this I can deal with. I’m a social media guru. Being on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are sure to keep me busy. I’m able to get the proper R&R I need while still being able to talk with friends and family. But, then I see all the posts about Newtown and I don’t want to get all depressed so I decide to fall asleep and dream about being on the Titanic. Nope, this still isn’t working out well.

Yup, this has been my week. Laid up, and drugged up in bed. I wonder what my doctor has in store next for me? I could only hope it’s not more pills. I really, really want some normal dreams again! I’m tired of the elephants, I’m tired of the Oompa Loompa chasing after me, and I’m tired of jumping out of random planes in random countries.

For someone who hasn’t left the bed, I feel like quite the world traveler. Maybe I should take these medications more often.



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