Prius, Take Me Away!


There’s a lot of cars on the market today. Just take a look by standing in the middle of a dealerships lot. Why, you’ve got cars with backup cameras, alarm systems, cars that make funny beeping sounds weirder than others, and then you got your preppy cars of the world with all the fancy bells whistles which will have you yelling broke at the gas station.

Well, then there’s me. Mister economical. I don’t care what’s in the car, what the car looks like, how old the car is as long as it can get me from point A to point B without making me go broke before getting to point B. Gas prices these days are absurd, no matter how you put it. I’m a traveler, and I’d like to keep traveling while keeping more of my hard earned money. I’m middle class and these days, in case you haven’t noticed, the middle class is hurting!

Since the accident last month, I’ve had to shop around for a new car. The insurance company totaled it. Without rental coverage, I had to find a car quick! I decided to grab the best quick deal I could find which will hold me over until I actually go shopping for a car in a few months. To my surprise, a local dealership had a 2001 Toyota Prius that was a fresh face to the lot. I couldn’t resist. Was it almost too good to be true? A used hybrid car was just sitting there waiting for me to arrive?

The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular cars on the road, and one of the most respected and recognizable hybrids. They average up to 60MPH. I’m currently averaging 56MPH. Not bad for a 2001 with under 100,000 miles! I’ve been able to drive the car a little bit over the past few weeks. Due to the injury, I’m not able to drive all that much as you can imagine. I was nearly stunned at the cost to fill up the car from E to F: $22.50 at 3.65 a gallon. Now, what fancy preppy car owner can say that?

$22.50. I nearly fell over and broke another couple of bones while pumping gas. I continue to drive the car to appointments and around town and I have yet to visit a gas station in nearly two weeks. Yes, it’s an older model car and not as hip looking as the newer Prius models on the road today, but the gas savings far outweigh what the heck the car looks like!

I bought her for $8,000 with a 3 year loan. It will most likely be paid off and traded in for a newer Prius by years end, but for right now, I love hearing the light hum my car makes as it drives by multiple gas stations without filling up!


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