Texting & Driving: Why It Can Wait

Texting while driving. How many of us do it? You know you’re one of many who has picked up the phone and replied to an incoming message or checked your social media news feeds. I admit, even I have done it numerous times. We’re all guilty.

As a brand ambassador for AT&T, I have taken the pledge to not text and drive. It can wait. The dangers of texting and driving are far too great. Think about this; you’re driving along at a steady pace of speed on what you believe is an open road, you glance down at your phone for a few seconds to respond to your friend texting you regarding some evening plans. Then, all of a sudden you’re face to face with a tractor trailer traveling at a high rate of speed. Suddenly, you’re trapped.

It can happen, and it has happened. To many. Now is the time to take the pledge. Throw that phone in the glove compartment and forget about it! On the iPhones new IOS 6.0 update, there’s this cool new feature called ‘Do Not Disturb’ located under settings. Utilize it. It will block all incoming calls and texts until you turn the feature off where you will then recieve all of your incoming calls and messages during the time it was on. This feature is a great way to reduce the urge to text and drive.

So join me in taking the pledge and let’s keep our roads safe. Our family and friends are counting on us to come back home.



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