AT&T Digital Life: Rethink Your World

AT&T has been introducing a lot of hot products out at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. As a brand ambassador for the company, I’ve been paying close to attention. One of the hottest things they’re introducing is Digital Life. With Digital Life, you’re world is entirely connected even miles away from home.

Soon, you’ll be able to control everything from the heating elements of your home, even in individual rooms, to how many lights you have on simply through the palm of your hands on your smartphone or tablet PC. You can also monitor the security of your home at all times, and if something is triggered, 911 will immediately be called and you will get an instant notification. Pretty cool huh?

That’s not all AT&T has in store. Check out the video I’ve provided. AT&T is entirely rethinking of the way you operate while you’re away from home, and they are customizing it to you and the way you live.

Rethink possible. That’s AT&T!


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