Life Without Television is Growing in Popularity

As people across the country look to save a buck in this economy, many people are looking to cut unnecessary costs out of their household budgets.

Something that has always gone overlooked has been the television. Have you really ever thought about it? We spend upwards of $100 a month on television service. We don’t exactly get the bang for our buck. With growing mobile technology and the capability of being able to watch Live TV and movies on our smartphones and tablets, cable and satellite providers are seeing thousands leaving their services behind.

I can speak for this. I’m one of thousands who decided to part ways with their satellite provider. My time at home is often limited, and being that my bill was $90 a month, I knew I could easily put that money toward other necessities.

Have I noticed a change? The only change I’m noticing is more change in my piggy bank! If I want to watch a movie, there’s Netflix on my iPhone and tablet PC that I pay $7.99 a month to stream unlimited shows and movies at my command. My news and weather? Well that’s all on Facebook and Twitter, and I could interact with the news team and other viewers!

This is life in the 21st century. Where the TV was once a staple in homes across the country, it is now swiftly becoming the exception as opposed to the rule.

What will you do with your savings? Don’t just take my word for it. Thousands are doing the same.



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