Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience One App at a Time

When was the last time you thought of grocery shopping as fun experience? Ask that same question to just about anyone and you’ll get the same answer. It’s a chore to many. What if you could turn your shopping experience into one that’s rewarding and interactive?

That’s exactly what Stop & Shop has done, and their making great progress in investing in reinventing the way we shop. The future is here today, or at least a taste of it, thanks to Stop & Shops Scan It mobile app available on iTunes and the Android Marketplace.

Here’s how it works; you download the app and walk into your nearest store that participates in the Scan It shopping experience. Once the app is downloaded, you will need to configure some information such as your Stop & Shop card information. This only takes a few quick minutes then voila! You’re ready to tackle the supermarket that’s loaded with soccer moms.

Lets say you want a box of cereal. Simply grab the box from the shelf, scan the barcode, and it’s instantly added to your cart. The app will even let you know if you saved any money. As you continue to shop around the store, scanning items and having a ball with it, the app will even tally everything up for you giving you a look at what your grocery bill is before you get to the register. A plus? As you walk past sale items, it will instantly display that sale item on the screen. A great marketing tool for Stop & Shop, and a rewarding treasure for you as the consumer.

I recently gave the app I shot on my iPhone and I couldn’t put my phone down. It was like a trip to the amusement park. This has completely revolutionized the shopping experience as we know it, and makes shopping a breeze. Once you’re ready to check out, simply scan a special barcode at the register and voila, you’re entire order is presented on screen for you and all you have to do is pay and bag. It completely eliminates the need to throw everything up on the belt and getting it scanned.

Now, lets ask that question again. When was the last time I thought of grocery shopping as a fun experience? Well, the last time I was at Stop & Shop, of course! I may have just found my new hobby.



2 thoughts on “Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience One App at a Time”

  1. I suspect this probably only works at the stores that already have Scan It guns – I see Watertown was on the list too, and I KNOW they have it.

    Guess I’ll have to find an excuse to go grocery shopping in Unionville, although honestly, I don’t see how this would be all that hard to implement in Torrington. Computer programming, people!


    1. Considering the fact that there is a brand new store sitting in town, you would think they would have implemented that. Alas, we are still, as a region in CT at least, very much still in the 20th century.

      Yes, you need a trip to Unionville ASAP! You will LOVE this! I promise you!


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