Cumberland Farms Introduces Smartpay, and Saves You 5¢ a Gallon

The way we pay for things is advancing. Over the next few years, there will be a heavy invesment in mobile technology. This investment will allow us to pay for virtually every little thing, at every little place, with our smartphones. The Jestsons would be so impressed.

As it currently stands, I already pay for almost everthing with my iphone where available. Places such as Starbucks and Stop & Shop are well ahead of the game on this, so it should have been no surprise to me that local gas stations are now jumping on board. After all, gas stations are the epiphany of convience.

Cumberland Farms, which has locations throuhout New England, has recently introduced us to this fun new app called Smartpay. With Smartpay, users simply pull up to a pump, enter the pump number and zipcode and presto! All you need to do is pump the gas. With this bitter cold we are facing, I wish we could have advanced enough for the gas to pump itself! That’s in the works, right?

The app is location based, meaning that it will know which station you’re at based on your phones GPS reading. This all out prevents you for paying for another pump 4 at another gas station, though I’m sure that other person wouldn’t mind. The app curently only allows you to pay with a PayPal account, which is fairly easy to set up online and transfer funds from your brick and mortar bank. What’s even cooler about paying with this app, is that you also get to save, yes save, 5 cents off for every gallon of gas you purchase off of the already low price that Cumberland Farms offers.

Mobile is where it’s at. If you’re not investing your money into it, learning about it, or even using it, start now.



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