When in Doubt, Throw it Out!

I have been living in my house for nearly five years. Five years doesn’t exactly seem all that big of a deal until one day you sit and stare at the amount of stuff you have accumulated and just cry “Ohhh my!”. I literally just found myself having one of those moments. Over the past five years I have accumulated enough stuff to fit in a Donald Trump penthouse. In those five years, I’ve probabally spent what the Don rakes in per year.

It’s hard to imagine how much we bring into our homes and never end up really using. Why, I have stero systems I haven’t used since my first year in the house, curtains I’m clearly never going to use again after hoarding them into a closet three years ago, and books that are simply collecting dust thanks to my ipad and iPhone. So, now the question I’m facing is just what in the world do I now do with all of this wasted stuff that, quite simply, is just stressing me out.

I can think of a number of solutions. A bonfire seems rather appropiate and so does hiring a team of people from Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Then, there’s always the good old, let’s just pack everything away in the attic or garage and pretend it simply doesn’t exist further enhancing the problem because I’m going to have to get back to it eventually. It’s apparent that none of these options seem appropriate and I’m just going to have to dive in and tackle it my own way. Now, just what way is that exactly.

My friend, The Decorating Dork, seems to have a solution for me as she is faced with a similar situation. She is taking part in a project being called Tackle It Tuesday. This project is a 52 week house cleaning challenge in which members attack one specific area of their home each Tuesday and share these expereiencs in a Facebook community or on their own blog, broadcasting their challenges and successes to their friends, family, and even total strangers. Talk about a great way to stay motivated and stick with it! With a project like this, I’m hoping that my house will start to look like a Trump Tower Penthouse.

So, while I’m not saying I’m a hoarder, I am saying that even a little clutter can add stress to your life. Sometimes, we all need to step back and take the time out to tackle it before all that wasted stuff gets a hold on you, and it can!

Clutter in your home is known to increase stress and anxiety levels, enhance or create depression, and can also create potential health problems from allergens in the home. While I never thought of having all this stuff meant anything to me, like some sort of status, at the time I purchased it all, I was indulging in what is often referred to as retail therapy. Well, this therapy has now led me to needing therapy for my home! The next time I’m out indulging in retail therapy, I’ll remember that it looks better in the window at the store.

Oprah has put together some unique ways to unclutter your life. By doing just so many little things, such as staying more organized and trashing or recycling things that you don’t really need, you could potentially become a much happier person. Since I’m pretty happy with my life, I know my clutter isn’t that bad, but even still it could become that bad!

So, as I write this and stare somberly at the mounds of stuff I have to tackle, I give you this piece of advice; don’t become the next television star of Hoarders.



6 thoughts on “When in Doubt, Throw it Out!”

  1. Yay Mike, I’m so honored that my posts encouraged you to clean out the clutter as well.
    It really is the truth that clutter increases stress, anxiety and depression. (I am living proof of that) Thanks for the shout out too! You ROCK! xoxo


      1. That’s what I have to start with! I opened up one I haven’t used in months and nearly cried! I’m thinking I need a trip to Ikea soon for some of those organizational drawers. Good excuse to go there!


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