In a Time of Need, a Community Comes Together

It is said that in times of disaster we all come together. No matter what our past circumstances with eachother were, we put those differences aside and work together and build stronger bonds. This couldn’t be any more true for a family in Granby that has sadly lost everything in a house fire. Everything that they had built their entire lives with is now burnt down to the ground. Poof. Gone. Just like that.

While hearing of house fires is nothing new, many of us just couldn’t bare to think of it happening to ourselves, but what if it did? What if you were to lose everything you ever owned? Family photos from memorable vacations or even those of loved ones who have passed, beds, clothes, even appliances. What would you do, and most importantly, just how would you cope?

It can’t be done alone. It can only be done through a community who’s heart is as big as the family who is suffering such a devastating loss. There are a lot donation efforts going on right now for the family in various ways, but one person in particular has decided to get a little creative while trying to help out a neighbor in need. Sheila Santiago, of Sheila’s Paintings, has decided to auction off a painting as a way of helping to raise funds. The painting is on an old recycled kitchen door and displays a calm flowing river, which perhaps one can translate to a sign of hope and peace.

While Sheila says there is no end date for the fundraiser, she does hope to raise any amount of money possible to help this family get back up on their feet again. She goes on to say that for every $5 donation you make, you are entered into the drawing for the painting, so if you were to make a $20 donation, you would be entered 4 times. In times such as this, is there really a limit to what can be done? Any little bit goes a long way, and so too does any little bit of creativity to help raise funds.

Donations to the fundraiser can be made as follows:

Check made payable to:
Sheila Santiago
Granby, CT 06035

Or by PayPal:

For more information on the story of the fire, click here. To find out more about how you can help, click here to access a Facebook event that Sheila has put together.



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