Book a European Valentine’s Escape Without Leaving New England

With so many hotel options on the table this time of year in preperation for the Valentines Day holiday, many find it difficult to choose the right location. As they say in real esate, location is everything, and that couldn’t be any more true for the travel industry.

Luckily, the fine folks over at Jetsetter have got us covered with an array of fine hotels for a couples retreat weekend. Maybe your in the mood to escape to the city while still feeling that old world New England charm. Don’t worry, there’s a place in Boston you’ll flip head over heels for. It’s called Back Bay Hotel , located in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood and centrally located to all of the cities hottest attractions. The hotel features timeless american elegance complete with limstone walls, but don’t mistake this hotel for being completely old. There’s quite a few modern touches in this classic hotel. The guest rooms are complete with flat screen televisions, comfy king size beds, and even heated towel racks, just to name a few. The feel of this hotel gives you a vibe that you have landed a dream european vacation, without all of the added costs of course.

The hotel also features this lavish restaurant called Cuffs Irish Bar. Indulge in the cities finest food and best beers on tap while mingling with corporate executives and other fine city folks who are happy to call this place their neighborhood bar. It is ranked as one of the best places to eat in the bay area. Look at that, you won’t even need to leave the hotel to swoon your honey over.

Boston is known to be a hearty city filled with ambience, cultural activities, and good hearted people. Take a stroll aound town to discover a little slice of Europe in your own backyard. Cobble streets, old world architecture, double decker busses, I’d say Boston is a pretty snazzy little place to create some sparks, or rekindle those lost this Valentine’s day. With a hotel that cries out luxury, you’re sure to win some brownie points.





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